West: Removing Confederate Flag Just Like ISIS and the Taliban

West: Removing Confederate Flag Just Like ISIS and the Taliban July 2, 2015

Allen West, the astonishingly stupid and extremist former congressman, has rarely met an offensive and ridiculous comparison he didn’t fall in love with, as long as it’s aimed at liberals. He’s now claiming that removing the Confederate flag from state capitols is just like ISIS and the Taliban destroying artifacts.

Last week on “Sandy Rios in the Morning,” National Center for Policy Analysis president and former GOP congressman Allen West said that he supported South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley’s call to remove the Confederate flag from state capitol grounds. However, West denounced liberals who also called for the flag’s removal, joining Rios in comparing them to extremist groups like ISIS and the Taliban that have destroyed historical monuments…

West continued: “The left has to be held accountable for the things that they’re doing and their hypocrisy has to be brought out. The Taliban destroyed the shrines and the statues of Bamyan provinces; ISIS has gone around destroying the artifacts there and religious shrines and memorials in Mosul and also Palmyra; and now we have the left in the United States of America defacing memorials and part of our history. So there’s a very interesting, I don’t want to say commonality, but it is something to be said about how these individuals want to erase history.”

So when a Tea Party Republican governor suggests removing the flag, he supports that. But when liberals do it, that’s just like Muslim terrorists. Makes perfect sense. Of course, he has it exactly backwards as usual. The call is to remove the Confederate flag from a place of honor on public grounds and keep it in a museum instead, where it can be viewed within the context of the legacy of racism and slavery that it represents. That’s the exact opposite of destroying artifacts.

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