Wiles: We Must Flee America to Escape God’s Judgment

Wiles: We Must Flee America to Escape God’s Judgment July 2, 2015

While many Christian right leaders are promising to engage in civil disobedience — they’ve never said what form it might take, nor is it easy to imagine any such form — Rick Wiles of TruNews radio says it’s time for Christians to flee the country to avoid the inevitable wrath of God.

“In 2012, the Lord had shown me that America is morphing into Babylon and I will say this to you: The metamorphic transformation is complete. America became Mystery Babylon last Friday and I know her fate,” he said, adding that the Bible advises people to “flee from the midst of Babylon.”

Wiles told Alan Colmes today that he is preparing to leave the U.S. to an undisclosed location, claiming that God will “lift His hand of protection from this nation” and “permit America’s enemies to attack this nation.”

He also predicted economic devastation, food shortages, “disease, pestilence, drought, natural calamities and a great shaking.”

“America is over,” Wiles said. “The final stage will be a surprise attack by America’s enemies which will end up with foreign soldiers on the soil of the United States of America and the American people will go into slavery.”

Hey Rick…don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Might I suggest Saudi Arabia? I hear Mecca is beautiful this time of year. And you won’t have to worry about gay people ruining your day by, ya know, existing and stuff.

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