Bigot Tries to Explain How He’s Hurt by Same-Sex Marriage

Bigot Tries to Explain How He’s Hurt by Same-Sex Marriage July 3, 2015

Matt Walsh, a bigoted halfwit who blogs for Glenn Beck’s The Blaze website, has a post entitled “Yes, Gay Marriage Hurts Me Personally.” The text of the post completely fails to justify that headline as he produces only this incredibly lame argument for it:

Second, as a member of society, State-imposed falsehoods do affect you. Marriage is a certain thing with a certain nature and definition. When the State mandates that the thing is something other than what it is, and has a purpose other than its actual purpose, you are now living under a tyranny of confusion. The severity of that confusion depends on the degree of the falsehood. So if the government announced tomorrow that we must all pretend penguins are elephants and cats are squirrels, I expect I wouldn’t be seriously harmed. I might be helped because I could finally get rid of my wife’s annoying cat on the grounds that I don’t want squirrels in my house.

But I would still oppose this redefinition because it’s not true, and I prefer Truth. How does it negatively affect my life that people are all confused about penguins and cats and elephants? I guess it doesn’t, except that it would make my trips to the zoo pretty disorienting, and more importantly, I want our culture to have a proper understanding of reality. Moreover, I don’t want our government to impose an improper understanding.

An improper understanding of a squirrel is one thing, though. An improper understanding of marriage, on the other hand, will destroy us. Marriage is the bedrock upon which all of human civilization rests. To expand its definition into oblivion is to weaken and destabilize it.

Hurt? Of course. You’re hurt. Everyone is hurt. This is our foundation, and we all depend on it, no matter if we’re separated from the issue by a few degrees.

So when he says that it hurts him personally, what he clearly means is that it has no effect on him at all. Try making that argument for why you have standing to challenge gay marriage in court and see how far it gets you. Hint: Absolutely nowhere.

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