Mat Staver, Being His Usual Reasonable Self

Mat Staver, Being His Usual Reasonable Self July 3, 2015

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, went on quite an unhinged rant about the same-sex marriage ruling on a radio show. It’s the usual stuff — We’re just like Rosa Parks! We’re just like the Jews in Nazi Germany! Oh, and they’re going to be teaching kindergartners to have gay relationships!

Staver urged conservative Christians to engage in “peaceful resistance” to the Supreme Court’s ruling. Likening the fight against marriage equality to the fight for racial equality, Staver said, “This is the Rosa Parks on the bus. If they tell you to go to the back of the bus because your skin color doesn’t match what they want, don’t go to the back of the bus. This is the time for peaceful resistance, and this is the time to stand with people who are engaged in peaceful resistance.”

Yeah, it’s just like that. I mean, other than the fact that you’re not being told to go to the back of the bus. And you’ve been the ones sending gay people to the back of the bus all this time. And you’re the one who have been oppressing people for centuries just for being gay, while Rosa Parks was the victim of such oppression. And you can peacefully resist gay marriage by not getting gay married. No one is forcing you to do so, or ever will. Other than that, it’s just like Rosa Parks.

“This is the time like of the Nazi Germany when they’d knock on your door,” Staver continued. “‘Is there a Jew in your house?’ Well, if you say ‘yes,’ than the Jew is dead; if you say ‘no,’ then you’re dead. What are you gonna do? You gonna protect the person? Or are you gonna save your own skin?”

Yep, it’s just like that. Other than the fact that you aren’t hiding any Jews and there’s no possible analogy to be had here between those who hid Jews and those who don’t like gay people getting married. And no one’s skin is at stake here whatsoever, nor is anyone going to be dead. But year, other than that, it’s just like those who hid Jews from the Nazis. Who are you going to hide, people who clutch their pearls at the thought of a gay couple getting married?

Responding to Schneider’s fears about the future of public education, Staver argued that we will now witness “the marching of the kids through the public schools and the indoctrination. This is the, this is going to be an assault on them of unprecedented proportions as well.” The Department of Education, he predicted, will soon be ordering schools to tell kindergartners, “‘Hey, you need to experiment as a kindergarten with whether you’re male or female. You need to, like, have some experiments and go out and have same-sex relationships.”

Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what will happen. We’ll just add this to the giant pile of ridiculous predictions you’ve made that have never come true so it won’t feel lonely.

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