Palin’s Drought Solution: Build More Reservoirs!

Palin’s Drought Solution: Build More Reservoirs! July 3, 2015

What do subscribers to Sarah Palin TV get for their $9.99 a month? Brilliant policy analysis, of course. And the solution to our most pressing problems, like California’s ongoing drought. Don’t limit the use of water, she says, all you gotta do is build more reservoirs!

California has been suffering from a long-term drought; most people are aware of that. Governor Brown’s answer, though, to that drought is to impose a 25% water reduction on California’s cities and towns. His main target are [sic] those really nice landscapes and lawns on golf courses and campuses and cemeteries and private property, your yards! Well, as long as those, long showers that maybe you take. [sic]

She’s got a point, of course. It’s just like that liberal Gov. Moonbeam to cave in at the first sign of reality, like Neville Chamberlain did to Adolf Hitler. He obviously doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism, which exempts the United States from the laws of physics because we’re a Christian nation, dontchaknow. I mean, who in their right mind would think that conserving water would help when there isn’t enough water to go around? It’s madness! Besides, she has the real solution:

You might ask, though, why don’t they just fix the infrastructure problem, why don’t they just build more reservoirs and plants?

Exactly! Reservoirs are filled with water, so just build more reservoirs! You secular progressives just fiddle while California is drying up and all you had to do was ask this hockey mom and she could have fixed it for you in an instant. But no, you’re too busy burning American flags and having icky gay sex with Saul Alinsky!

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