Wingnut: Gay Rights Activists Just Like Terrorists

Wingnut: Gay Rights Activists Just Like Terrorists July 3, 2015

Add another entry to the bigot’s offensive comparisons file. Right wing radio show host Sam Malone says that gay rights activists are just like terrorists. And he seems to think that anyone who isn’t gay must, by definition, be opposed to gay rights. Because that’s totally reasonable.

On Monday, Houston-based radio show host Sam Malone criticized the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, lambasting the court along with the “extremists of the gay agenda.” These activists, he said, “are anti-tolerance and not one of them has come out to say respect the religious views of the 98 percent of America who aren’t gay.”

Malone’s guest, Texas GOP activist Jared Woodfill, similarly warned that the gay community is “coming after us,” reminding conservatives that “it’s a war that we’re in right now.”

“The gay activists refuse to preach tolerance,” Malone said. “It’s like dealing with Muslim terrorists, there is no tolerance. If 0.08 percent of the population are gay men, that’s 0.08 percent, who is going to stand up for the 98 percent who aren’t and are religious and have a firm foundation in the Bible and say, ‘This is wrong, I don’t want to be involved, you do it, if that’s your thing, you do it, ain’t my thing and I don’t want anything to do with it.’ Obama launched the war on religion in America.”

It’s almost an accomplishment to pack that much stupid into so few sentences. 98% of America is not opposed to gay rights. In fact, about 60% support same-sex marriage and about 80% support anti-discrimination protections. You’re the one in the minority here, Sam. And if you don’t want to be involved in a gay wedding, then don’t be. Don’t get gay married. Don’t go to a gay wedding. Stay at home and read your bible and pray. No one will give a shit. And if you support denying equal rights to gay people, you don’t get to talk about tolerance. Ever.

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