Jeffress: SCOTUS Marriage Ruling = Jesus Returns Soon

Jeffress: SCOTUS Marriage Ruling = Jesus Returns Soon July 4, 2015

Right wing megapreacher Robert Jeffress says that the Supreme Court’s ruling striking down state laws banning same-sex marriage is a sign of the end times and means that Jesus is going to return very soon. Uh…wouldn’t that be good news for you? If so, why are you criticizing them for it?

“What happened Friday was nothing short of an affront in the face of Almighty God,” Jeffres said in his introduction of Perkins. “And how did our president respond? President Obama responded Friday night by bathing the White House, the people’s house, in colors that represent what the Bible calls degredation, depravity and sexual perversion.”

Jeffress and his church, he said, are “not going to be silenced by the liberal left, Barack Obama or the United States Supreme Court.”

“We’re not despondent, we’re not discouraged in the least,” he added, “because everything that happened Friday is simply confirmation of what the Bible says is going to happen before the return of Jesus Christ.”

Jeffress has previously called the gay rights movement and the book “Fifty Shades of Grey” signs of the End Times.

Wingnuts see signs of the end times the way Alex Jones sees false flag operations. It would be easier just to list the things that aren’t a sign of the end times. Jeffress thinks a broken shake machine at Arby’s is a sign of the end times. In fact, someone should really make a definitive list of all the things that Christians have claimed are signs of the end times. Should only take a couple lifetimes to compile them all.

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