Perkins: Gay Rights = Terrorist Attacks on Christians Abroad

Perkins: Gay Rights = Terrorist Attacks on Christians Abroad July 4, 2015

Tony Perkins is still bleating out this ridiculous claim that if Christians aren’t allowed to do anything they want to the people they dislike in America, this somehow emboldens Muslim terrorists to attack Christians in the Middle East. Because there’s obviously a direct cause and effect connection.

Following a discussion of the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision and the persecution of conservative Christians that groups like the FRC claim will result from it, Perkins told the congregation, “We have allowed our own government to send a message that Christians in America don’t care about Christianity here at home. How could they possibly care about it in the Middle East?”

He then related a horrific tale of four Christian boys being beheaded by ISIS, violence that he claimed the American government gives a “green light” to because of its “hostility” toward U.S. Christians.

“We’re not being asked to die for Christ in America. We’re simply being asked to live for Christ in America,” he said. “But when we as Christians here in America shrink back from living for Jesus and we tolerate our own government’s hostility to Christianity, terrorists and tyrants in other governments will see that as a green light to persecute and to kill our brothers and sisters, and we cannot tolerate that as Americans.”

Is there anything bad that gay rights is not responsible for? It causes floods and droughts (simultaneously!), earthquakes and hurricanes, destroys whole civilizations and now causes terrorism too. And if Tony Perkins gets a headache, I’m sure it caused that too. Behold the power of The Gay!

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