Tancredo: Gay Marriage Leads to Banning Confederate Flag, Criticism of Islam

Tancredo: Gay Marriage Leads to Banning Confederate Flag, Criticism of Islam July 4, 2015

One of the things that has always made me laugh about right-wing thinking is how they try to take every bad thing happening (or that they predict will happen, almost always falsely) and tie them all together into one package. Like this claim from Tom Tancredo:

“However,” he continued, “there is something else out there, our president really happens to enjoy it, we teach about it in the public schools, we tell people, kids in the public schools to respect it. It’s called the Koran and it’s responsible for far more, far more murders, enslavement, the most horrible things, and it’s still going on. It’s not history, it’s still happening. And that, we don’t ban it, heavens no, we even tell kids we gotta read it in our schools and respect it.”

Malzberg then changed the subject, asking Tancredo about the Supreme Court’s marriage decision, which Tancredo said was connected. Not only will the decision eventually lead to the criminal prosecution of pastors, he claimed, but soon “everything I just said” about the Confederate flag and the Koran will be “outlawed” due to the institution of unconstitutional hate speech prohibitions.

“Mark my words, that’s what’s coming,” he said. “Dark days ahead, Steve.”

If we let gay people get married, that will lead to the banning of the Confederate flag and the outlawing of any criticism of the Quran. Makes perfect sense. I bet it will cause a huge new influx of illegal aliens too, streaming into the country to get gay married. And abortions. Lots of abortions. And anything else Tancredo pulls out of his ass.

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