Beck Spins Harrowing Tale Around Non-Existent Event

Beck Spins Harrowing Tale Around Non-Existent Event July 5, 2015

There were rumors of a shooter at the Washington Navy Yard on Thursday morning, but turns out there was no shooter and nothing had actually happened. That did not stop Glenn Beck from spinning a harrowing tale of Muslim terrorists and Obama taking away our guns, even while admitting he had no information at all.

“I’m sure the president is going to be looking into more stress, somebody is probably really stressed out,” Beck said, sarcastically. “Yes, yes, of course, they’re Muslim, but they were just stressed out. That’s what we’ll probably find out, and it has nothing to do with Islam.”

After admitting that “it could be a guy who has nothing to do with Islam” who was responsible for the non-existent shooting, Beck declared that “I’m tired of everything being a lone gunman who has nothing to do with Islam; it’s just his three middle names and his last name are Muhammad and that’s no big deal.”

“We have no information here,” Beck once again stated, before he then proceeded to declare that “we’re going to lose our guns.”

“With the shootings, they’re just going to start taking away guns,” he said. “They’re going to try to take away the guns.”

What, no claim that you had predicted it 10 years ago? No claim that you know the identity of the “money man” behind this non-existent terrorist attack and it’s all a conspiracy to cover it up? You’re slipping, Glenn.

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