‘Prophet’ Dutch Sheets on the Marriage Ruling

‘Prophet’ Dutch Sheets on the Marriage Ruling July 5, 2015

Dutch Sheets, one of the many self-declared “prophets” running around America these days, most of them associated with the New Apostolic Reformation, has a column in Charisma News that is full of loud wailing and gnashing of teeth over the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling.

Psalm 2 speaks of rulings such as this one—natural rulers and unbelievers who rebel against God’s governmental yoke, and against his Son. The warning is strong, even terrifying, describing His anger and the destruction He will bring to them. Verse number 10 is especially appropriate at this time: “Take warning, you judges of the earth.” Indeed, there is a Highest Court presided over by “the Ancient of Days” (Dan. 7:9-11, 22). Whether they know it or not, every judge on the Supreme Court of America will one day bow before God (Phil. 2:10-11) and give an account for every ruling they make. And included in that accounting will be the fruit of those rulings, such as: aborted babies; His influence being removed from schools and public places, resulting in millions of young people not knowing Him and His ways; and the redefining of His marriage covenant, resulting in the breakdown of families, along with the devastating effect this will have on children.

Ah yes, the breakdown of families. How exactly is that going to work? Are there husbands and wives around the country this week saying, “Well now they’re gonna let those damn gays get married, so I no longer love my spouse and I’m going to break up this family”? If so, doesn’t that say far more about them and their warped values than it does about same-sex marriage?

And who could ever forget the mocking spirit demonstrated by our president when he decorated the White House with rainbow colors. Using one of God’s covenantal symbols, a symbol now used by the LGBT movement, President Obama delivered one of the most arrogant, in-your-face gestures ever performed by an American president. Knowing fully the anguish millions of Christians were experiencing over this ruling, and knowing the insult this act would be to those millions of Americans, he chose to decorate the White House in this gay and lesbian symbolism. When asked during a press conference to comment on the ruling (and other “victories” he experienced last week), he reinforced his arrogance and insensitivity. Refusing to back down, He lauded this inexcusable act, speaking of it as “a moment worth savoring.”

Won’t someone please think of the bigots? Won’t someone think of the “millions of Christians” who are in “anguish” over the ruling? Seriously, if you’re in anguish over the idea of someone else getting equal rights, you’re pretty much a failure as a human being. And yes, President Obama mocked you. Good for him.

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