Savage: Gays Want to Throw Christians To the Lions Again

Savage: Gays Want to Throw Christians To the Lions Again July 5, 2015

Michael Savage continues his daily assault on reality, throwing everything he hates into a big pile and blaming it all on the gays and Muslim terrorists (never mind that those Muslim terrorists agree with him about the evils of The Gay). He says gay people want to throw Christians to the lions again, with help from the Muslims.

He also linked his false claim about pastors going to prison with last week’s ISIS massacre of European vacationers in Tunisia: “Gays will cheer. As they start throwing pastors in prison, you’ll see who’ll cheer them. Next we’ll get the arena and the lions, get the arena and the lions and bring them in from Tunisia.”

“I feel like I’m being punched left and right from the Supreme Court today, I’ve never saw anything like this in my life,” Savage said, before praising Mike Huckabee’s call to defy the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling.

I was going to make a joke about how those punches from left and right have clearly impaired his ability to think clearly, but in fact he’s thinking perfectly clearly. I think he knows exactly what he’s doing. If you want to become right-wing radio star, you have to come up with bizarre accusations and conspiracy theories about everything your audience hates on a daily basis. You have to somehow top the inane claims of the next host or you’ll lose your popularity.

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