Bolling: Liberal Boycotts are ‘Economic Terrorism’

Bolling: Liberal Boycotts are ‘Economic Terrorism’ July 6, 2015

Eric Bolling, the third dumbest man on Fox News (Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade are pretty hard to top for utter cluelessness), is furious about calls to boycott businesses associated with Donald Trump because when liberals call for boycotts, that’s “economic terrorism.”

The progressive-hating gang on Fox News’ The Five absolutely lost it when New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said that the city is now reviewing its contracts with Donald Trump because of his “offensive and disgusting” comments about Mexican immigrants, that “When Mexico Sends Its People … They’re Bringing Drugs. They’re Bringing Crime. They’re Rapists.”

De Blasio’s actions – not Trump’s – left The Five co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle asking, “should government really be in the business of bullying over political correctness?”

Greg Gutfeld continued his over-the-top portrayal of a irascible truth-teller, saying de Blasio “is such an ass, he’s 45 percent crack,” and called the mayor a “barnacle of capitalism” who can only exist thanks to heroic figures like Donald Trump.

That’ when Bolling chimed in, complaining that, “ is petitioning to boycott Donald Trump’s products. They are economic terrorists.”

Hey, remember when Bolling slammed the American Family Association and all the other right-wing groups who call for boycotts on a daily basis against any company they think is too gay, or even not sufficiently pro-Christmas? Yeah, I don’t either.

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