Gainor: NBC Can’t Cover the Election Now!

Gainor: NBC Can’t Cover the Election Now! July 6, 2015

Dan Gainor of the profoundly ridiculous Media Research Center, led by the terminally irritating Brent Bozell, says that now that NBC has terminated its financial relationship with Donald Trump, no one from that channel can cover the Republican primaries now because they’re “biased.”

For Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center, that means the two networks have disqualified themselves from reporting on the race for the White House.

“No NBC reporter is now qualified to cover the presidential election,” he tells OneNewsNow. “They have chosen an activist position – and the same goes for Univision. If they don’t want to discipline their president of content, then they’ve made their decision: they’re an activist organization, not a news organization.”

So if they still had a direct financial relationship with Trump that was worth millions of dollars to both parties, that would not make them biased in covering his campaign, but ending that relationship makes them too biased to cover him? Interesting set of standards for bias you have there, Mr. Gainor. Can you even imagine what Gainor would say if one of the networks was invested in a television series with Hillary Clinton worth millions of dollars?

Gainor says this is an example of classic liberal media bias. “They are picking and choosing who the American public is allowed to see, interact with, and vote for,” he summarizes. “That’s not their role.”

Again, the opposite is true. NBC not covering Trump during the campaign would be “picking and choosing who the American public is allowed to see” on their network. Conservative media critics really do have some bizarre notions of bias and impartiality.

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