The Convenient Double Standards of ‘Religious Freedom’

The Convenient Double Standards of ‘Religious Freedom’ July 6, 2015

Hey, do you guys remember when a bunch of Christian county clerks and magistrates resigned so they wouldn’t be forced to process divorce papers because the Bible forbids it? Or when they resigned rather than issue a marriage license to someone who works on the Sabbath? Or who lies? Or steals? Or who worships other gods? Or who prays in public, something Jesus explicitly tells Christians not to do (unlike homosexuality, about which he said nothing)?

Remember when they demanded the right to refuse to issue marriage licenses to women who couldn’t prove they were still virgins? Or who ate shellfish, which the Bible calls an “abomination,” the same term used for homosexuality? Or who have tattoos, specifically forbidden in Leviticus 19:28? Or to those who would hold their weddings within seven days of the bride’s period, when she’s “unclean” as it declares in Leviticus 15?

And do you remember when those who are now demanding that government officials be allowed to discriminate if necessary to fit their “sincerely held religious beliefs” defended the right of Muslim clerks to refuse to serve Christians? Or to refuse to issue driver’s licenses to women? Or the right of Christian Identity members to refuse to issue marriage licenses to interracial couples? Or to refuse a business license to women because they should be at home where they belong?

Funny, I don’t either. It’s almost like this has nothing to do with their religion demanding that they not issue marriage licenses to people who violate Biblical law, or with the defense of “sincerely held religious beliefs,” but is rather about their deep and personal disapproval and hatred of gay people.

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