How the Right Wing Rhetoric Never Changes

How the Right Wing Rhetoric Never Changes July 7, 2015

Here’s a video from the late D. James Kennedy from 2003, after the Supreme Court struck down state laws against interracial marriage, where those interviewed used every argument currently being used against the marriage equality ruling.

They rant about the “out-of-control judiciary” overturning the will of “we the people” and destroying the right of states to “legislative Biblical views on the subject no matter how many people favor it.” And if we had Youtube in 1967, you could find the same people making the same arguments about Loving v Virginia. And about Brown v Board of Education. And allowing women to vote. And ending slavery.

The right wing rhetoric never changes, but in each new fight they pretend that they would never have used those arguments in all the previous battles over civil rights. Of course they would have supported those advances, they just don’t support this one. Because God wants them to (never mind that their predecessors said the same thing in all those previous disputes). In fact, those previous advances in civil rights were all their idea in the first place. It’s purely a coincidence that they’re using the same arguments.

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