MN Firefighter Flies Confederate Flag in 4th of July Parade

MN Firefighter Flies Confederate Flag in 4th of July Parade July 7, 2015

A firefighter in Minnesota, of all places, decided to fly a Confederate flag from his fire truck in a 4th of July parade. And he wants you to know that he’s shocked that it drew attention AND that he did it deliberately to draw attention to the evils of “political correctness.”

A southern Minnesota firefighter flew a Confederate flag along side Old Glory while he drove a fire truck in a July 4th weekend parade in Albert Lea, and the event’s organizer said Sunday that such a display was “unfortunate” but within the firefighter’s right…

The Hartland fire truck was driven by Brian Nielsen, a firefighter for about 10 years with the department. Nielsen said Sunday that he was not endorsing slavery but was fed up with what he views as “political correctness” attacking a symbol that is part of history.

“My view is that PC is going too far taking things out of history,” Nielsen said. “It has nothing to do with slavery. I don’t see color, black or white. We’re all equal.”

Oh yes, the old “I don’t see color” bullshit.

Nielsen said the Confederate flag’s display was his decision alone and he did not think he needed his department’s approval.

“I didn’t think it would bring this much attention,” he said. “I just wanted to stand up and say that PC is not right all the time. They’re actually not right most of the time.”

Uh, Mr. Nielsen…not everyone is as dumb as you. We recognize the rather blatant contradiction between saying on the one hand that you were trying to make a statement against the huge backlash against the Confederate flag and simultaneously that you didn’t think it would get this much attention. Those things can’t both be true and it’s the second one that is obviously false. You knew exactly how much attention it would get and you deliberately tried to get it. Well now you’ve got it. And I doubt you’re going to like the results. (Update: He’s been suspended. Big shock.)

And seriously, the flag can’t possibly represent anything but slavery. The man who created it said it was about slavery. It was carried into battle by troops from the Confederacy, which made it undeniably clear that they were only there to defend slavery. Any other claim is just nonsense.

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