Trump Weirdly Blames Jeb Bush for John Roberts Nomination

Trump Weirdly Blames Jeb Bush for John Roberts Nomination July 7, 2015

Donald Trump is firing blindly again, making claims he can’t back up. During a speech this weekend, he strangely declared, with no evidence whatsoever, that it was Jeb Bush who pushed his brother George W. to nominate John Roberts to the Supreme Court. When asked to provide evidence, his campaign just attacked Bush again.

Distraught by last week’s Supreme Court decision that upheld Affordable Care Act subsidies, Donald Trump said former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) is responsible for influencing his brother’s appointment of Chief Justice John Roberts to the Supreme Court.

“If you think about it, Jeb Bush gave us Justice Roberts. He’s the one who pushed Justice Roberts,” Trump, a contender for the 2016 Republican nomination, said to an audience of about 200 at a Madison County Republican dinner over the weekend…

“Obamacare was dead, totally dead, then Roberts, in order to be popular in the Beltway, who knows, came in with a shocking decision,” Trump said.

Roberts, appointed by former President George W. Bush in 2005, has now ruled in favor of Obamacare twice, including in the majority opinion of King v. Burwell, which preserved Obamacare’s tax subsidies…

When asked by The Huffington Post to substantiate the claim, Trump’s campaign only provided more criticism of Roberts.

“One of the many failings of both the Bush presidencies is their Supreme Court appointments,” Trump adviser Sam Nunberg wrote in an email.

“Justice John Roberts’ so-called jurisprudence has done tremendous damage to America,” he continued. “Both of his ObamaCare decisions reflect his political agenda and show a disdain for the notion of judicial modesty. Roberts promised to call balls and strikes from the bench. When he got on the field, he became a player and stole the ball.”…

Unsurprisingly, the Trump campaign stands by his statements, claiming the real estate mogul-turned-Republican presidential candidate’s experience in business would help him appoint judges that would not disappoint Republicans.

“Mr. Trump’s record in business shows that no one can fool him,” Nunberg said. “He will apply those same unique skills when selecting judges for the Court.”

It cracks me up that Trump is constantly claiming that his business acumen, which is vastly overrated to begin with, somehow gives him these superpowers that would apply to anything a president might do. He’s cut deals to make hotels, so obviously he would out-negotiate Iran. He’s a billionaire, so obviously he would defeat ISIS before his first lunch at the White House. It’s comically idiotic.

As for this alleged link between Jeb Bush and John Roberts, that’s simply absurd. John Roberts was at the very top of the short list of potential nominees for every conservative legal group in the country. Any Republican president would have had him as one of the top 3 or 4 potential nominees for a Supreme Court opening. He was considered a rock star of conservative jurisprudence, one of the new breed of conservative judges that could be counted on to remain conservative once on the bench. He sure as hell didn’t need Jeb Bush to promote his candidacy and there’s no evidence that he had any involvement in it at all.

This is typical Trump strategy though.

“Hurricanes are bad and they are all the fault of my opponent.”

“Uh, do you have any evidence that your opponent causes hurricanes?”

“Seriously, do you realize how terrible hurricanes are? They cause incredible damage.”

Yeah, but that wasn’t the question. Bluster, lie, rinse, repeat.

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