Barton Joins the ‘Retirement Isn’t Biblical” Chorus

Barton Joins the ‘Retirement Isn’t Biblical” Chorus July 8, 2015

Rabbi Daniel Lapin has been going on right wing radio shows for the last couple years and claiming that the idea of retirement is against God’s will because it isn’t mentioned in the Bible. David Barton has now joined him in this ridiculous cliche and, as usual, telling lies along the way.

“Retirement is not a biblical concept,” Barton said, putting forth a theory that he appears to have stolen from Rabbi Daniel Lapin. “That is a pagan concept that comes from the Babylonian system. If you want to live in Egypt, you want to live in Babylon, great, retire. God’s people, that is not a model.”

“One of the great indications that something is not part of what God wants is the fruit that accompanies it,” he continued. “And one of the things that I’ve always believed is Deuteronomy 6:24, He says, ‘Everything I tell you is for your benefit, that you can enjoy a long life, that you can prosper,’ and so if we see something in the way of statistics or science that shows that we don’t have a long life, that will diminish our life, then we know that’s not part of what God wanted us to do.”

Citing statistics that supposedly show that, on average, people die within three years of retiring, Barton claimed that is because “your body says, ‘Oh, you want to do nothing? Great. Let’s just shut down.'”

“God did not design us for retirement,” Barton said. “He did not design us to quit being productive, and when you start doing things that go contrary to what He designed us for, it always gets bad results. And so the statistics are there that God did not design us for retirement.”

No, actually they aren’t there. The average age of retirement in this country is 62 years old. The average age of death is 78.8 years. That’s a nearly 19 year gap, not 2.4 years. As usual, Barton is just throwing out claims without a shred of evidence for them and then drawing a ridiculous conclusion based on those false claims. It’s what he does. It’s how he managed to make so much money.

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