Creech: God Would be Justified in Killing Us All Over Marriage Ruling

Creech: God Would be Justified in Killing Us All Over Marriage Ruling July 8, 2015

Mark Creech, the fanatical fundie preacher who heads the Christian Action League of North Carolina, says that God will punish America for the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling. And God would be perfectly justified in raining down fire and brimstone to commit genocide on us for it.

It is not likely fire and brimstone will fall on America immediately because of this decision, although God would certainly be justified in doing it. Nevertheless, this national sin is more apt to bring its own punishments over time. Although many will think it hyperbolic to say, the state sanctioning of gay marriage will eventually destroy traditional marriage.

For those of us who have fought to preserve real marriage, we pledge ourselves anew to do battle against its counterfeit, same-sex marriage, on every level. We shall tirelessly endeavor to protect religious liberty and the “full exercise thereof.” We shall not comply with such unjust laws, for to resist tyranny is to obey God. We shall pray. We shall preach. We shall prepare to use every righteous means available to overturn this injustice, no matter how long it takes.

The God these people worship sounds like a mafia kingpin, doesn’t he? “Look, you crossed the wrong guy and he’d be justified in putting you in cement shoes and sinking you to the bottom of the Hudson river. But he’s feeling very magnanimous today and he’s gonna let you off with just breaking your legs.” What a great guy.

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