Cruz: Marriage Equality Only Exists Because of ‘Propaganda’

Cruz: Marriage Equality Only Exists Because of ‘Propaganda’ July 8, 2015

One of George Carlin’s most famous routines was about how everyone else’s stuff is shit and our shit is stuff. The same could be said of the word “propaganda.” Our advocacy is just logical and reasonable, while our opponents’ advocacy is obviously just propaganda. Ted Cruz demonstrates:

“We are seeing a propaganda effort from the mainstream media and from Hollywood” to legalize same-sex marriage, he added. “This notion that gets repeated everyday on the mainstream media is baloney.”

Yes, you see, arguing that gay people are human beings with equal rights and should be allowed to marry the person they love as long as they are a consenting adult, regardless of their gender, that’s propaganda. Calling gay people demon-possessed pedophiles deliberately trying to destroy America and God and grandmas and apple pie? Totally not propaganda.

“This is hand-in-hand with a concerted assault on religious liberty and a concerted assault on the Judeo-Christian values this country was built on,” Cruz said of the marriage ruling, dismissing polls showing growing support for gay rights as biased since “it is very easy to design a poll to get the result you want.”

Well yes, it is easy to design a poll to get the result you want. But that doesn’t mean that every poll is designed for that purpose. Most are not, especially from the major, reputable polling companies. It is perfectly rational to examine the questions and the methodology on a specific poll to see if they were written in a slanted manner to reach a predetermined result. It is not rational, however, to deny the validity of polling entirely, or to deny it only when one doesn’t like the outcome of that poll.

And when it comes to same-sex marriage, we now have years worth of polls from a variety of polling companies all showing the same trend and the same result. Rejecting all that polling data merely because you don’t like the result, without looking at the questions or the methodology, means you’re doing the same thing you’re accusing the polling companies of doing, reaching the conclusion you wish to reach regardless of the evidence. Some might even call that propaganda.

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