‘Ex’ Lesbian Wants to Vomit at Thought of Gays Marrying

‘Ex’ Lesbian Wants to Vomit at Thought of Gays Marrying July 8, 2015

Linda Wall, who claims to be an ex-lesbian “delivered from homosexuality by the power of the Living Jesus Christ,” says that the thought of two men or two women marrying makes her want to vomit. Then again, a lot of things seem to make her want to vomit.

Yet, here we are thirty-three years later with men marrying men and women marrying women being the law of the land. Although I saw it coming, I still want to vomit every time I am reminded of this abomination…

On Sunday after the abominable ruling by the five unelected judges in black robes, I intentionally listened to three different preachers to see how they handled this new law redefining the Holy God’s definition of marriage.

My observation resulted in one thought: “no wonder this Judeo-Christian nation has fallen into the hands of the Sodomites!”

Not one of the three preachers called this moment in time abominable.

As a matter of fact, all three played the “politically correct” card and tiptoed about the matter. Two served their congregation the “sweet message of everything is ok, God is on the throne.” And the third led a “pep rally”, “Jesus is coming back any day now to get us.” I wanted to barf at all three.

Yes, the very idea of two gay people getting married makes her want to puke — but don’t you dare call her a bigot! I would suggest you see a gastroenterologist. You’ve got a serious problem there.

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