Fischer: Christians Won’t Be Allowed to Hold Public Office

Fischer: Christians Won’t Be Allowed to Hold Public Office July 8, 2015

The wingnuts are inventing every imaginable ridiculous prediction about the coming persecution of Christians, all because gay people can now get married. Bryan Fischer says that soon Christians won’t even be allowed to run for office. And he assures you that he is not exaggerating at all.

“You may think that I am exaggerating, that I am hyperbolizing,” Fischer declared, “I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that I am not, that this is the direction that we are headed … It is, before long, going to become illegal for Christians to hold public office.”

“The day is coming when it will be against the law for Christians to hold public office,” he continued. “It will be against the law for Christians to even run for public office [and Christians] will not be allowed to serve in any kind of appointed capacity in government.”

“Now why do I say that?” Fischer asked. “I say that because of what the Supreme Court did on Friday” by legalizing gay marriage.

Oh, of course he’s not exaggerating, not one bit. Who would dare accuse him of such a thing? I’ve noticed that none of these hyperbolic predictions are ever actually explained. There’s never an attempt to make an actual causal connection. It is enough merely to declare it to be true. That is how desperately the Christian right clings to their dreams of martyrdom and persecution, that the mere whispering of the words automatically makes them true, no matter how often — and the answer is always — the predicted horrible outcome never happens.

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