McMillan: Marriage Ruling Unleashes Communist ‘Hell on Earth’

McMillan: Marriage Ruling Unleashes Communist ‘Hell on Earth’ July 8, 2015

I wonder if there’s a competition between columnists for the Worldnetdaily to see who can offer up the most hyperbolic and ridiculous reaction to the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling. Craige McMillan takes his shot at the brass ring with Hitler, Stalin, Mao and “hell on earth.”

The U.S. Supreme Court’s disastrous decision on gay marriage marks the end of the rule of law in America. The Constitution is no longer a “living” document, as the “progressive” wing of the court has always referred to it. The Constitution is a dead document.

In the near term, citizens can expect previously unnoticed “rights” to be discovered left and right by five fallible, opinionated, self-indulgent human beings whose decisions have been placed beyond the legislative process – just as the founders warned. America will not survive this onslaught against “the laws of nature and nature’s God.”…

Underneath the left’s golden cobblestones of good will, not far down the road they are taking America, is the left’s utopia. You will come to know it as hell. Underneath the left’s pretty face, it has only ever been about raw, naked power. They view humanity as endlessly malleable and themselves as the sculptor. Having ascended to the levers of statist power from the institutions they first corrupted, they now intend to use that power to reshape men, women and children into their own creation.

Mao, Stalin, Hitler – all were leftist icons who murdered tens of millions of their own people and counted the cost as being acceptable in order to build the new man for the new age. Nothing but blood, tears and destruction ever came of it.

Thus Glenn Beck was correct when he observed, “These are not enemies of man. They are enemies of God.”

Only two paths now lie ahead: repentance or destruction.

I’ll take what’s behind door #3, which is that you and your fellow bigots will continue to rant and rave about this for a while as everyone else in the country, including most of those who oppose the ruling, come to realize that none of the horrible things you’ve been predicting have even come close to being true. And then the only ones left still opposing equality will by today’s equivalent of George Wallace and the KKK, viewed as fringe extremists stuck in the 1950s.

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