Wiles: Obama Will Use Gay Marriage to Declare Martial Law

Wiles: Obama Will Use Gay Marriage to Declare Martial Law July 8, 2015

Rick Wiles, who supposedly renounced his citizenship and is leaving the country because of the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling, is now claiming that President Obama is going to use same-sex marriage to declare martial law in the United States.

Far-right End Times preacher David Lankford joined Rick Wiles on his “Trunews” program yesterday to discuss the supposed persecution of American Christians and the destruction of the United States due to gay rights. Discussing President Obama’s remarks on the Supreme Court’s marriage equality decision, Wiles described how we will see “persecution unlike anything that has happened until now” as Obama continues to “prove himself to be evil beyond words.” This persecution will become a “time of purging” and come down on Christians “like a thunderbolt.”

Wiles continued that Christians will be “taken off the face of the earth” and “unproductive people,” such as the elderly, “will be removed from society” as progressives deem them useless.

This persecution and purging of society will of course be led by President Obama, whom Wiles said is the “Antichrist” and will soon declare “martial law” using gay marriage as his vehicle for state control. Under martial law, he said, “people will be forbidden to leave America until society purges himself of the unwanted.”

For those who follow Wiles’ bizarre pronouncements regularly: Yes, this is a repeat from pretty much every week in the last six years. Wiles has predicted that Obama will use whatever is happening in any given week — school shootings, a terrorist attack, natural disaster, Ebola –to declare martial law. The fact that he’s never actually done so despite Wiles having predicted it literally dozens of times gives him not the slightest pause. Even Chicken Little would have ignored this buffoon by now.

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