Bigot Produces Delightly Dumb Rant on Marriage Ruling

Bigot Produces Delightly Dumb Rant on Marriage Ruling July 9, 2015

Timothy Buchanan, who proudly lets everyone know that he’s the author of a book with the incredibly clever title The Boobonic Plague (Get it? That’s genius, right? No, not really), has a column at Barbwire with a hilariously idiotic rant about the Supreme Court’s marriage ruling. Let’s strap on our wings and let his rhetoric make us soar:

Friday, June 26th 2015 was a disastrous day for America, far worse than September 11, 2001.

The Supreme Court’s lawless and un-Constitutional ruling to strike down same-sex marriage bans in the United States was a reckless and sinister act that will affect every American for years to come. America is broken, and now, one of three things will follow:

  • God’s judgment will fall upon the United States of America,
  • There will be a second US civil war, not North against South or East versus West,

    but of the righteous against the unrighteous, the heartland versus the coasts.

  • Or there will be a Righteous Revolution, an Awakening of the Church.

Make no mistake, the decision to end state bans against same-sex marriage was not based upon Constitutional law. It was based upon nothing other than blind political ambition and a seething hatred for the laws of God. At least 82% of Americans oppose it. It is being enacted, not by democracy, but against the will of most of the people.

At least 82%! I don’t suppose you could, uh, show some evidence of that, Mr. Buchanan? But hey, I have lots of evidence that you’re wrong. A recent Pew poll: 57% support marriage equality. A Gallup poll in May: 60% support marriage equality. A CNN poll taken just after the Supreme Court ruling: 59% support marriage equality. Every single poll has found 55-60% support for same-sex marriage over the last couple years. You can’t find a poll showing 85% opposition to it even going back to 1996, when it first emerged as an issue. This is just a ridiculous lie.

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