Poor, Persecuted Christian Mayor Forced to Take Down Christian Flag

Poor, Persecuted Christian Mayor Forced to Take Down Christian Flag July 9, 2015

The mayor of Glencoe, Alabama is weeping crocodile tears after the FFRF forced the city to remove a Christian flag that flew over their police department. It’s just so unfair, he says, because the FFRF just picks on these small towns who can’t afford to lose a lawsuit.

The small city of Glencoe, Alabama has been flying the Christian flag over the city’s police department since the 1990s, but after a complaint filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), the flag came down Monday, WBRC reports.

The city’s mayor, Charles Gilchrist, told the station the City Council met to discuss the flag, which flew alongside the American and Alabama state flags on city grounds, and decided the city couldn’t afford a legal battle. The FFRF wrote to the city after receiving a complaint from a resident, the station reports.

Gilchrist told the station the council was warned another city was sued over a similar issue and had to pay out $550,000 – a sum that would break the bank of the town of just over 5,000.

It’s clear he wasn’t happy about it.

“That would just about ruin us,” Gilchrist told WBRC in a phone interview. “That’s what they do, they pick on these smaller towns that can’t defend ourselves.”

Awww. How horrible for you. You know how you could avoid this problem? Don’t violate the Constitution. It’s only going to cost you that much money if you lose and you know damn well that you would lose in court. So the only reasonable thing to do is what you did, take down the damn flag. And quit whining about it.

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