Ted Shoebat: Biggest Hypocrite Alive or Biggest Hypocrite Ever?

Ted Shoebat: Biggest Hypocrite Alive or Biggest Hypocrite Ever? July 9, 2015

Ted Shoebat, son of fake “ex-terrorist” Walid Shoebat and a certified fascist asshole, says that the “homosexual movement” is the “most hateful and most vile group in all of the Western world.” This from a guy who has repeatedly demanded that gay people be “slaughtered” en masse.

The homosexual movement is the most hateful and most vile group in all of the Western world. The sodomites are supremacists; they believe that they have the superior lifestyle, a disposition and constitution more superior than the “others,” who they consider as inferior breeders. This is the ideology of sodomism.

Sodomism is the ideology of homosexual superiority, in which the homosexuals desire to usher in — through propaganda, violence and state coercion — a utopia in which homosexuality is seen as a supreme ideal, and those who believe in the conjugal union as is affirmed and established by the Christian Faith, are viewed and treated as enemies.

I don’t know, it seems to me that advocating mass genocide is just a tad bit worse than fighting for equal rights. And it seems to me that someone who has repeatedly called for the murder of every gay person on the planet really shouldn’t be criticizing anyone else for advocating “violence and state coercion.” Seriously, is Shoebat the biggest hypocrite in the world or the biggest hypocrite in human history?

He even has a picture from a gay pride parade of some sort with the caption:

Terrorist sodomites threaten to kill their enemies, who they term as “fascists.”

Gee Ted, isn’t that exactly what you do, threaten to kill your enemies, demand their slaughter? That was your word, not mine. And yes, that makes you a fascist.

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