Manning Follower: ‘Manufactured’ Hurricanes Rid Florida of Americans

Manning Follower: ‘Manufactured’ Hurricanes Rid Florida of Americans July 10, 2015

At that bizarre racial reconciliation event on the 4th of July, one of fascist preacher James David Manning’s followers, Rhonda Herrington, introduced him with a really weird, rambling monologue about how “manufactured” hurricanes were used to cleanse Pensacola of “real Americans” and replace them with evil sodomites.

But the real fireworks seemed to have come on the second day of the event, July 5, which was filmed by conservative activist Wiley Drake, who is credited as the cofounder of the “Racial Reconciliation of the Races” event.

Manning was introduced by Rhonda Herrington, a member of his ATLAH church congregation. Herrington recalled a visit to Pensacola, Florida, to protest the trial of creationist tax-dodger Kent Hovind, and was shocked to see that the city had become a “sodomite heaven,” which she blamed on “manufactured” hurricanes meant to “get rid of the Americans.” She also took aim at Rev. Al Sharpton, who she blamed for “doing race riots” and “church shootings” with money funneled from George Soros through President Obama.

As she was leaving the stage, a member of the audience yelled, “Sodomites, go to Hell!” Manning, taking the stage, then asked everyone to stand and join him in yelling, “Sodomites, go to Hell!”

Yeah, that’s how you achieve racial reconciliation — you join together to believe fucked up conspiracy theories and demand that gay people be stoned to death.

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