OK Gov. Mary Fallin is Kind of a Halfwit

OK Gov. Mary Fallin is Kind of a Halfwit July 10, 2015

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin has a long history of embarrassing herself and her state and now she’s adding to that legacy by doing everything she can not to comply with an order from the state supreme court to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state capitol. And she clearly needs a class in remedial civics.

Fallin says the monument will remain at the Capitol while appeals and potential changes to the Constitution are considered.

“I think everybody was a little shocked by the Supreme Court’s decision. I’m disappointed in the Supreme Court’s decision. I respect our Supreme Court justices, they have a job to do, I have a job to do. And I respect them for having a tough job to do, but I don’t agree with them on this particular ruling,” Fallin said. “The call they made was not the right call. So one of the things that I’ve asked is that the, and the attorney general’s doing this, he asked the Supreme Court to review their decision. That doesn’t mean they’re going to change their mind but I think they need to review their decision. And I think it’s also important that we have time for our legislators, many of whom have expressed this opinion, that they would like to send an amendment to our Constitution to fix any ambiguity and what the article in the Constitution they referred to in their ruling to overturn the Ten Commandments at the state Capitol grounds.”

No, that isn’t how it works. Yes, the people could vote on a referendum to change the state constitution, but that doesn’t mean this court ruling is suspended while they attempt to do so, a process that will take at least a year or two. The order is absolutely valid and enforceable right now. And if she continues to refuse to do so, the court could hold her in contempt. I hope they do.

Gov. Fallin said she believes the final decision on the monument’s fate should rest with the people.

“You know, there are three branches of our government. You have the Supreme Court, the legislative branch and the people, the people and their ability to vote. So I’m hoping that we can address this issue in the legislative session and let the people of Oklahoma decide,” she said.

Uh, no. The three branches of government are the judicial, legislative and executive. That’s you for crying out loud and you don’t even know it. Can we please stop electing halfwitted dolts to office?

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