Porter: I Prayed to Put Bush in Office, I’ll Pray to Stop Gay Marriage Too

Porter: I Prayed to Put Bush in Office, I’ll Pray to Stop Gay Marriage Too July 10, 2015

Janet Porter, who is hopelessly clueless even by Christian right standards, thinks that her prayers were responsible for George W. Bush winning the 2000 election and now she thinks that she can overturn marriage equality by praying about that too.

In the 2000 Presidential election, between George W. Bush and Al Gore, I lived in a place called Broward County, Florida. When they declared the state of Florida–and the election–for Al Gore, I, like so many others, got down on my knees and asked for something that had never been done before. I asked for God to change the outcome of the election. You know what happened: He answered that “ridiculous” prayer. And if God can change the outcome of a presidential election, He can change the outcome of a Supreme Court ruling. Ask Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to file a motion for rehearing the marriage case at: 800-282-0515 . Then, pray to the God of the impossible.

She thinks that if DeWine asks the Supreme Court to rehear the case they just decided on, they’ll magically change their mind because her prayers are just so amazingly powerful. Of course, she was praying for the Supreme Court to reject marriage equality for the last year too, hosting prayer rallies repeatedly for it. So why didn’t her powerful prayers work then? I’m sorry, I’m using logic to evaluate her claims, which are as unreasonable as it is possible to be. So when none of this works, will she admit that her prayers don’t actually work? Of course not. Mysterious ways and all that.

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