Staver Owes Godwin Some Royalties or Something

Staver Owes Godwin Some Royalties or Something July 10, 2015

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, really should be paying Godwin some royalties for how often he compares same-sex marriage to Nazism. His latest is to claim that complying with the Supreme Court ruling on the matter is just like turning Jews over to the Nazis.

Since the ruling came down, just about every episode of his “Faith and Freedom” radio program has been dedicated to hammering home this message and insisting that the decision is illegitimate and cannot be obeyed, with Staver once again declaring today that accepting the ruling is like handing a Jew over to the Nazis.

“There is a decision that is now here,” Staver warned. “It may knock on the door at different times or it may knock on the door of your friend, or your church, or your business, but it will come to your door and you’re going to make a decision. It’s like the Nazis coming to someone who is seeking out a Jew; you’re hoping that they’re not going to come but one day that knock on the door comes. And when it comes, here’s the choice: Will I obey God and resist this evil opinion or will I ultimately continue in my complicit silence and just simply go along to get along?”

What exactly are the analogous parts here, Mat? Who is going to show up at your door and what are they going to demand that you do? Are the Obama/Soros stormtroopers going to show up and force you to get gay married? Who are you going to be hiding, exactly? Congratulations, you’ve come up with yet another analogy in which there isn’t a single element of the two things you’re comparing that is remotely related to one another. It’s a good thing your audience is ignorant and credulous and will eat up the bullshit you shovel out with a spoon.

“If the government continues down this path,” he said, “then America will not stand. It’s just pure and simple. You can’t just simply continue down this path of rebellion against God and assume that you’re going to stand forever. You will not … This is either the beginning of revival and renewal and perhaps revolution or its the end of this country and the end of Western Civilization. It’s as pure and simple as that.”

Wait, you think someone believes that this country will “stand forever”? Who thinks that, exactly? Anyone who thinks that would have to be so ignorant of history that they must have learned it in Texas public schools. No country lasts forever. And it has nothing whatsoever to do with any gods.

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