Perkins’ Hypocrisy on Obama and Gay Rights Diplomacy

Perkins’ Hypocrisy on Obama and Gay Rights Diplomacy July 12, 2015

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council has his typically hypocritical stance on an issue. This time it’s President Obama standing up for the human rights of gay people on a visit to Kenya, addressing the fact that his ancestral country imprisons people merely for being gay.

When the President travels abroad, there’s one thing he never leaves at home: his radical social agenda. Since day one, the Obama administration made it clear that this isn’t your parents’ version of diplomacy. Instead, the White House has dispatched an army of liberal ambassadors — all with strict instructions to use their influence to force acceptance of the President’s extreme sexual priorities.

It is telling, but not the least bit surprising, that Perkins thinks the position that gay people should not be considered criminals, put in prison or even put to death, is a “radical” and “extreme” position. It’s not surprising because Perkins himself favors such laws and, along with the rest of his Christian right colleagues, threw a fit when the Supreme Court overturned such laws in this country in 2003.

From Hillary Clinton to John Kerry, the State Department has repeatedly violated the first rule of the diplomatic process: to respect the traditions and beliefs of other countries. In most cases, this forceful approach has made more enemies of nations than friends — especially in countries as profoundly religious as Kenya.

Hey Tony, weren’t you one of the people ranting against Obama for not intervening in Iran and the Sudan on behalf of Christians who were imprisoned in those overwhelmingly Muslim nations? In fact, the administration was intervening and working to free them and the one in the Sudan was freed and brought to the United States as a result of their diplomatic work. But by Perkins’ “reasoning” (which, as usual, is really just special pleading), they must have been wrong to do so. After all, the “first rule of the diplomatic process” is to “respect the traditions and beliefs of other countries” and “especially countries as profoundly religious as Iran and the Sudan.

This is typical Perkins. When it’s a Christian whose human rights are being denied in another country, he loses his mind over it and demands that the government of the United States do something about it. When it’s a gay person, he loses his mind over the fact that they’re trying to do something about it. He supports human rights, you see, but doesn’t see gay people as humans who have rights.

This is why I prefer humanist organizations, which fight for the human rights of Christians and gay people alike around the world. The Center for Inquiry and other humanist groups protested the mistreatment of Meriam Ibrahim in the Sudan just like they protest the mistreatment of gay people and atheists in other countries. Perkins only gives a shit about the rights of Christians. Everyone else, in his mind, can go to hell, literally and figuratively.

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