Savage: Martial Law, Internment Camps, Blah Blah Blah

Savage: Martial Law, Internment Camps, Blah Blah Blah July 12, 2015

Michael Savage, like most of the far-right, is like a broken record. They drone on and on endlessly with their predictions of impending doom, which never actually happens. Here’s Michael Savage doing the usual schtick about Obama declaring martial law, rounding up veterans and Christians and putting them into internment camps. You know the drill by now.

He predicted that once President Obama incites a civil war by overloading the nation’s welfare system, liberals will employ “illegal alien gangs” as their “army.”

“It’s all well and good, the welfare state, until you can’t afford it anymore,” Savage said. “And guess what happens then? The country collapses. And guess what happens then? Exactly what the government wants, which is civil war and insurrection. And guess what happens then? There’s martial law and autocratic control. And guess what happens then? There are internment camps.”

He said that while the government will only “come for the returning war veterans” and “come for the Christians,” liberals will feel protected with the knowledge that they “have the army of the night behind you, and who is the army of the night? It’s the illegal alien gangs that you have behind you, it’s those who burned the city to the ground in Baltimore behind you, that’s who you have, those are your armies, you think we don’t know it? We understand your entire plan, we understand why you feel protected, we understand why you let a murder like this go unindicted, we understand all of this.”

What, no seizing the guns? No forced gay sex? No Clockwork Orange treatment of patriotic conservatives? Sorry Michael, you need to up your game here. You’ll come face to face with the true horror once Obama injects you with Ebola.

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