Allen West’s Editor Loves Her Some States’ Rights

Allen West’s Editor Loves Her Some States’ Rights July 14, 2015

Michelle Jesse, the associate editor of Allen West’s website, has figured out what the whole brouhaha over the Confederate flag is really all about, folks. Despite the fact that the federal government has nothing remotely to do with it, it’s all about destroying states’ rights. And she has proof: A tweet from a guy who used to be an adviser to one federal department.

However — chillingly — others see today’s lowering of the flag as closing a chapter on something most fundamental and dear to our great nation: states’ rights, as enumerated in the 10th Amendment of our Constitution. And, more chillingly, they may be onto something.

Uh, you do realize that the state legislature of South Carolina actually took a vote to remove the flag from public lands, right? And that the federal government has nothing remotely to do with it? How does a state choosing to do something somehow violate states’ rights? Oh, she’s getting to that.

Unbelievably — though, sadly, less surprising these days in Obama’s America — the person undermining our nation’s foundation is one who served under our president until just last year.

With a hat tip to Weasel Zippers, see what former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) advisor Mohamed Elibiary had to say about today’s lowering of the Confederate flag:

And here’s the tweet:


Jesse then continues:

Anyone else sensing a trend these days, with the recent Supreme Court decision to force gay marriage on all 50 states and now this? (Never mind the small detail that it was, in this case, the state legislature that voted to remove the flag; Elibiary, nonetheless, points to a dangerous momentum sweeping our nation.)

Yeah, never mind that small detail. Never mind that these two issues have nothing whatsoever to do with one another, it’s a trend! But here’s the best part:

Even though he is gone from DHS, he’s still keeping a grip on America!

Okay, wait. Elibiary used to be part of an advisory board for the DHS, which had nothing to do with the Confederate flag issue in the first place. And he isn’t even on that board anymore. And he has no involvement in the flag situation other than to tweet about it after the SC legislature decided to remove the flag. But somehow this proves that he somehow has a “grip on America.” You gotta share some of what you’re smoking; it apparently renders all of one’s brain cells inoperable.

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