Staver Ashamed to Be American. Over Gay Marriage.

Staver Ashamed to Be American. Over Gay Marriage. July 14, 2015

Whenever someone says that they’re ashamed to be an American over any number of horrific actions the government has taken is accused by the right wing of hating America. But what if you’re ashamed to be an American because we now give some small measure of equal rights to LGBT people? That’s obviously totally different, right Mat Staver?

“No nation in history can rebel against God and assume that it will continue to exist,” Staver said. “It just simply won’t happen. You have, as individuals, consequences to your actions and nations have consequences to their corporate actions as well. What just happened with regards to this opinion of marriage by five lawyers at the Supreme Court, an illegitimate decision as it is, and even then the Obama administration participating and celebrating sin is an act of defiance against our Creator and it will bring judgment upon our nation. Make no mistake about it.”

After co-host Matt Barber declared that lighting up the White House in rainbow colors is “a harbinger of God’s judgment” brought about by the “arrogance and haughtiness in celebration of the sin of Sodom,” Staver declared that upon seeing it, he became ashamed to be an American.

“It’s unprecedented in American history that the president of the United States would be so in-your-face immoral and impose that immorality and sin on the rest of the country,” Staver said. “I wept when I saw that and thought about what a horrible example that is to the rest of the world. I just felt shameful to be an American at that point in time, that this is my country and look what my country has come to. The president of the United States has put the cloak of sin over the White House, the cloak of shame over the White House.”

Seriously, that is what you find disturbing about America? Not slavery. Not denying women the right to vote. Not the slaughter of Native Americans. Not the Jim Crow laws. Not trumped-up wars that killed literally millions of people that were justified with lies? You aren’t bothered by those things, you don’t think those actions “put the cloak of shame over the White House,” but letting gay people get married does? You have one incredibly fucked up moral compass.

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