Tony Perkins, Meet The Google

Tony Perkins, Meet The Google July 14, 2015

Tony Perkins is a salesman. What he’s selling is the highly dishonest narrative that President Obama cares only about gay rights and spends all his time working on it rather than, say, attacking ISIS. That’s why he ignores the plight of Christians and children being brutalized by them.

“Christian children being slaughtered, being killed in Iraq, and what do we hear from our administration? Nothing, absolutely nothing, because they’re too busy pushing their own radical social policy agenda,” he said, before blaming the White House’s focus on social issues for the recent cyberattack on the Office of Personnel Management.

“This administration is dangerous,” he said. “They’re not doing what they should be doing because they’re distracted out pushing their own agenda. Better watch them in the last 18 months, this could be a very, very dangerous 18 months for our nation.”

Mr. Perkins, let me introduce you to this newfangled thing called The Google. Or just go to the State Department website and do a search for ISIL and children or ISIL and Christians and instead of “nothing, absolutely nothing” you’ll find lots of statements, reports and other material on those very subjects on which you are lying to claim they’ve said nothing about it.

Or you could have read the newspaper literally one day before you said this and found that we are in the middle of a huge ramping up of bombing raids against ISIS positions in both Iraq and Syria. But those are facts and facts tend to get in the way of this dishonest narrative you’re selling to your followers, who also can’t be bothered to look up anything contrary to it. They think they can trust you and they believe you when you tell lies like this.

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