Wait, THAT is Trump’s Brilliant Plan to Defeat ISIS?

Wait, THAT is Trump’s Brilliant Plan to Defeat ISIS? July 14, 2015

Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed over the last few months that he has a top secret plan to destroy ISIS, even expressing shock that the Pentagon hasn’t taken his empty boasts seriously and called him to find out what it is. Now we know what that secret plan was: Bomb the Iraqi oil fields. Seriously.

Donald Trump wants to “bomb the hell” out of Iraq’s oil fields in order to strike at ISIS.

“If I win, I would attack those oil sites that are controlled and owned — they are controlled by ISIS,” Trump said. “I wouldn’t send many troops because you won’t need ’em by the time I’m done.”

But that strategy might do more harm than good, according to two former U.S. military officers and CNN military analysts who looked at Trump’s suggestion. That’s because bombing Iraq’s oil fields would be a serious blow to Iraq and efforts to recover once ISIS is expelled from the country.

“You’re destroying the infrastructure of Iraq, you’re not really doing much to hurt ISIS,” retired Lt. Col. Rick Francona said. “At some future point those oil fields will have to help regenerate Iraq.”…

Both Francona and Hertling said there are many better ways to hurt ISIS than striking oil fields in Iraq — few of which ISIS actually controls.

A large part of ISIS’s revenue has come from oil sales, but the terrorist group is mostly pumping oil out of refineries in Syria, not Iraq…

While the Iraqi government is seriously reliant on the United States and other countries in its fight against ISIS and as it strives to keep its country together, Iraq’s top leaders would do more than just object to U.S. bombing of oil fields in its country — a central part of the country’s economy and infrastructure.

But remember, no one is “bigger or better at the military” than Trump. This is his genius plan? Destroy Iraq’s primary source of economic growth and revenue, which ISIS doesn’t even control? Jesus, he’s a moron.

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