Breaking News From 2008 Confirms Dystopic Predictions!

Breaking News From 2008 Confirms Dystopic Predictions! July 15, 2015

The Christian right blogosphere and “news” sites are exploding with outrage over a 7-year old lawsuit that was dismissed immediately. Rev. Austin Miles, extreme even by far-right Christian bigot standards, announces “BREAKING! We told you! First lawsuit to make Bible illegal!!” He practically hyperventilates while writing:

When the Gays accomplished their Supreme Court Ruling and ran out dancing in the streets and planting their rainbow flags of victory atop city halls, municipal buildings and the White House, it showed the accuracy of the rest of the story we predicted. My column had been published immediately after that ruling, stating that for homosexuals, this victory would only be the beginning, that they would never be satisfied.They would next demand that the Bible be declared a Hate Book and abolished.

Today a sodomite ex-con turned author, Bradley La Shawn Fowler (39 ) sued Thomas Nelson and Zondervan for publishing the Bible , which has references to homosexuality as a sin . He referred to 1 Corinthians 6:9. (?)

Fowler said that this violates his constitutional rights and has caused him emotional distress. He went on to babble that the earlier King James Version of The Bible, containing the term, “homosexual,” is used by his family pastor and as a result, he has been outcast by his family.

He is suing Zondervan,he explained to WOOD TV in Grand Rapids, for compensation of, “20 years of emotional duress and mental instability.” And it was THIS that drove him into mental instability? Just wondering.

His charges against Zondervan includes; “malicious negligence, strict liability, malice, libel, and violating his civil rights,” and he is entitled to $60 million from them in compensation for his suffering. He is also seeking $10 million from Thomas Nelson publishing based in Tennessee. That totals $70 million to sooth his hurt feelings.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on Monday. Again, this is just the beginning following gay victory in the Supreme Court. They will next file lawsuit after lawsuit, continuously, until a court with a democrat judge complies with their wishes to make The Bible illegal, in homes, churches, schools, even in the trunk of the car. That is exactly the goal. The publishers have 20 days to respond to this lawsuit.

As it turns out, though, this “breaking news” was from 2008 and the suit was quickly dismissed (the same thing that would happen if anyone tried to file a similar suit today). After finding out that the suit was not filed “today” or “Monday,” Miles wrote a rather pathetic explanation for how he screwed it up while swearing that it’s totally not his fault!

The lawsuit filed against the Bible, just detailed in a national story, did happen. However, every newswriter including this one was misled as to WHEN that event took place.

Every story I do is backed by research and fact finding. Sometimes a major story breaks on several respected news sites that have proven to be reliable news sources and are picked up by others. The initial details used in my story of gays filing a lawsuit to make the Bible illegal, were taken from those sites.

Yeah, see? It’s not his fault — every newswriter was fooled by this, not just him! And he used “reliable news sources.” Which ones? I’m glad you asked.

The current story in question was headlined: “We told you! First Lawsuit Filed to Make Bible Illegal!” A close friend who keeps track of breaking news, emailed me about that story as soon as it broke this past Friday. That story was double-checked. The source of that story, which was dated, July 10 2015, came from Christian Post, with the headline: “Gay Man Files $70M Suit Against Bible Publishers Over’ Homosexual’ Verses.” It was also published by Tea Party News Network.

So it wasn’t “every newswriter” that got fooled by this, it was the Christian Post and the Tea Party News Network. Gee, what do those have in common? You know who didn’t publish the false story? Not a single mainstream media outlet. The only ones who did were wingnut websites.

An additional check showed that it was first published by; The story was released as a right-now, July 10, 2015 story, and referred to this coming Monday with no date. After checking, I published the story.

After checking…what, exactly? After logging on to the court website to see if it was really filed? After doing a Google search, which would have shown that the story is from 2008? Maybe he just prayed about it. Tell us more about that thorough “research and fact finding” you do before publishing a story.

And even though this story turned out to be nonsense, he wants you to know that he’s still 100% right:

We knew that the gays would never be satisfied after getting that Supreme Court victory as Obama salivated. And we had learned conclusively through sources inside that community that they next would have the Bible outlawed as a hate book. This is FACT.

I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there. He then talks about a guy who emailed him to say the story is from 2008 and says that if he doesn’t correct the article, he’ll be a liar. His amusing response:

I would earnestly advise the writer to be very cautious in suggesting that I am a liar. That shows totally disrespect, not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Plus, to say this against a minister is libel.

Uh, no. It isn’t, dumbass. Whether one is a minister or not has precisely nothing to do with whether a claim is libel or not, and this one clearly is not. And how exactly are you not going to tolerate it? Pray a curse on him or something? File a lawsuit? It would get dismissed faster than the stupid lawsuit above did. What a ridiculous buffoon.

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