Roy Moore: Satan Made Supreme Court Rule for Marriage Equality

Roy Moore: Satan Made Supreme Court Rule for Marriage Equality July 15, 2015

church_lady_could_it_be_satan-1Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, true to form, told a church on Sunday that the Supreme Court justices who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage were influenced by Satan and that’s why they “destroyed the institution of God.” I didn’t even know God was an institution.

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore told a church crowd on Sunday that the U.S. Supreme Court “destroyed the institution of God” by legalizing same-sex marriage.

Moore, who made national news when he ordered the state’s probate judges to withhold same-sex marriage license in violation of a federal judge’s decision, addressed a congregation of about 150 people at Magnolia Springs Baptist Church in Theodore.

“How do they come out now and say that marriage, which is ordained by God, doesn’t mean what it’s always meant, between a man and woman?” Moore said. “Not between two men, two women, or three women and one man.

“See, they don’t have a definition. They’ve just destroyed the institution of God. Despite what they think, it’s not their doing. Satan drives us. He’s out there destroying everything God created including us as human beings.”

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