Stockman Accuses Obama of Treason for Iran Deal

Stockman Accuses Obama of Treason for Iran Deal July 15, 2015

Rep. Steve Stockman, who has been working hard to stake his claim to a place among the dumbest and most buffoonish members of Congress (we’ll give him Michele Bachmann’s empty seat) ranted on his Facebook page that President Obama is now guilty of treason because he reached an agreement with Iran.

Our Constitution is very clear on the definition of treason. Iran has and continues with every chant of “death to America” to be our sworn enemy. The unenforceable nuclear deal, the release of billions of dollars to the regime, and the removal of effective sanctions each offer valuable aid and comfort to our enemy. Therefore, President Obama has, by signing the nuclear agreement with Iran, committed treason against the United States. Article 3: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.”

Since when does reaching an agreement that prevents them from making nuclear weapons constitute giving them aid and comfort? And no, Iran is not our sworn enemy. We have never gone to war against Iran. We have often been at odds politically, but they are not our enemy. They are a nation with a set of interests, just like us. And when those interests are at odds, you can sit down and negotiate a deal that serves both countries, like we just did. To call this treason is light-years beyond being merely stupid.

And as I so often do, let’s contrast this with St. Ronald the Magnificent. Sorry, that person doesn’t actually exist. Let’s contrast this with the real Ronald Reagan, the one that conservatives love to worship in his most imaginary form. The real Ronald Reagan negotiated a nuclear arms agreement with the Evil Empire itself, the Soviet Union. And the far right of that day lost their minds over it too.

While most Republicans in Congress did not freak out over the START treaty when Reagan was negotiating it (it was signed under the first President Bush), the John Birch Society far right fringe did. But the far right fringe of that day is now the mainstream Republican party. And let us not forget that Reagan also sold weapons directly to Iran, thousands of TOW missiles.

This is just another example of how the far right, the John Birch Society wing of conservatism, has been revived and mainstreamed by the Republican party today. No rhetoric is too ridiculous for them.

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