Wingnut Explains How Conservatives Were Tricked on Contraception

Wingnut Explains How Conservatives Were Tricked on Contraception July 15, 2015

Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, president and founder of the Ruth Institute, went on a Catholic radio show and explained how conservatives were “tricked” into supporting making birth control available to married couples, leading to a slippery slope — just like same-sex marriage, dontchaknow.

“And I want to just point out,” Morse continued, “this is the whole pattern of the Sexual Revolution.” She recalled how Christians were tricked 50 years ago into agreeing to widespread contraceptive access when proponents argued “that contraceptives will only be used by married couples who need to space their births because of serious health reasons.”

However, it “never occurred” to contraceptive proponents, she said, that eventually “we’d be giving condoms to fourth graders.”

Marriage equality, she said, fits into this same pattern of progressives coming “up with one little thing that seems so harmless” and telling conservatives that they’re “so mean to not give us what we want.”

This is just such a bad argument. Giving condoms to 4th graders may or may not be a bad thing (I think it’s a very good thing), but that has nothing to do with whether adults should have the right to use it. By what legitimate authority does the government tell an adult that they can’t control their own reproduction? What business is it of yours or anyone else why they want to use contraception? The whole notion that it should require justification by reference to “serious health reasons” is nonsense that can only be taken seriously by authoritarian moral busybodies with a fetish for controlling other people’s private choices.

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