Barton Wishes Bork Was On the Supreme Court

Barton Wishes Bork Was On the Supreme Court July 16, 2015

David Barton told his listeners that no Christian should vote for any candidate who did not pledge to appoint people to the Supreme Court who would overturn the recent marriage equality ruling. And he lamented the fact that Robert Bork was not on the Supreme Court.

“If you get a different administration, you can get some different Supreme Court justices,” Barton said. “How many times in the last 30 years has the Supreme Court overturned itself? It did that on nativity scenes, it did that on Ten Commandments monuments, it has done that on homosexuality, it has done that on a number of issues where it reverses itself. So you get some different justices in there and they’ll vote to bring a case back before them on this issue and you may see a complete change as a result.”

After Barton and co-host Rick Green lamented how different things would have been had Robert Bork been confirmed to the Supreme Court instead of Anthony Kennedy, Barton declared that Republican candidates “are lining up now and you need to be asking the question of every one, where are they on the marriage issue and where are they on judges and if you don’t get the right answer, then find a different candidate.”

Oh yeah, we’d be so much better off with Bork on the court. This was a man, remember, who believed that the First Amendment protected only explicitly political speech, not artistic or literary or scientific speech. And who believed that a desire to control other people’s actions that have no affect on them at all was equal in all ways to a desire to control one’s own behavior, a position he took in opposing the ruling in Griswold v Connecticut, the case that overturned bans on the sale of contraception. In many ways, he was actually more out on the fringe than Clarence Thomas, and that’s saying a lot.

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