Beck’s Totally Rational Response to Iran Deal

Beck’s Totally Rational Response to Iran Deal July 16, 2015

The multinational agreement to keep Iran from creating nuclear weapons has Glenn Beck frothing at the mouth, once again declaring himself to be a prophet and throwing out ridiculous predictions about a new holocaust. And he shows that he has no idea who is who in the Middle East.

For years I have warned the world against turning a blind eye to those who run Iran. They are beyond radical Islamists. They, like ISIS are psychotic Islamists.

No, actually they aren’t. If that were true, Rouhani sure as hell wouldn’t be president and this deal would never have happened. The more fanatical hardliners are against this agreement, just like Glenn Beck is.

When I predicted the rise of the caliphate, those who had not done their homework on what was really happening in the Middle East spent their time mocking me. Once again, I warn the American people and the people of the world again. This particular strain of Islamists, like ISIS, believe they can “hasten the return of the promised one”, and usher in the literal end times.

Uh, no. The Shiites who run Iran have very different beliefs than the Sunni ISIS. Beck, like most right wingers, just lumps all Muslims together into one big mass and assumes that they all believe whatever the worst of them believes.

What this president has done will be remembered as something far worse than Neville Chamberlain. It will only be a matter of time before millions cry out his name in despair and contempt. A Holocaust, perhaps bigger than the last, where millions of Christians and even Muslims who are not Muslim enough will die at the hands of the Islamic State.

Uh, Glenn…you do realize that ISIS is the enemy of Iran, right? That Iran is actually working with us in Iraq to help defeat ISIS? No, of course you don’t know that. Nor do you care. That might get in the way of your latest melodramatic spook story.

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