Classic Roy Moore Theocratic Nonsense Never Goes Out of Style

Classic Roy Moore Theocratic Nonsense Never Goes Out of Style July 16, 2015

Right Wing Watch dug up an interview from 2006 with Kevin Swanson, one of the most extreme voices on the Christian right, talking to Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. It’s classic Moore, a frothy mixture of stupidity and Christian theocratic views.

In a 2006 interview with far-right radio host Kevin Swanson, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore — who was then between his two stints on the state Supreme Court — lamented that public schools were teaching students about Islam and the theory of evolution, saying Christian parents couldn’t “justify sending their children to schools where they teach that they weren’t created in the image of God, that they evolved from monkeys.”

No one believes we evolved from monkeys. You need to go back to a school that does teach evolution.

Moore also repeated his insistence that that Rep. Keith Ellison, who had just been elected as the first Muslim member of Congress, should not be allowed to take his seat in the House if he swore his oath of office on a Koran, saying that such events were leading to the “destruction of our society and our nation from within.”

Asked by Swanson about Ellison’s election, Moore responded that it was “a very bad indication of where we are going” and claimed that the congressman-elect was “known to associate with groups that actually oppose the Constitution.”

“This Ellison wants to swear on the Koran and basically swear that his law supersedes the Constitution of the United States, and he shouldn’t be seated,” he said.

Swanson agreed, saying, “If we begin to bring humanist socialists denying the existence of God or Muslims denying the word of God, the Bible, that is the foundation of this country, I think we’ve got tyranny to look forward to. I’m not sure if it’s the Muslim kind or the socialist kind, but either kind is bad.”

So swearing an oath on the Quran means the person is elevating the Quran above the Constitution, but swearing an oath on the Bible? In Roy Moore’s world, it does mean that. But would he rather have a Muslim swear an oath on a book he doesn’t believe in? Would that be better? Of course not. He doesn’t think Muslims should be electable at all — all while lavishly declaring his undying love for a Constitution that clearly forbids such religious tests.

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