Manning: Beware the ‘Sodomite Demons’

Manning: Beware the ‘Sodomite Demons’ July 16, 2015

James David Manning, who previously told the world that Starbucks puts gay semen in your coffee (no really, a Hobbit told him and you know that Hobbits never lie), is warning once again about the dangers of turning gay by eating at the same restaurant as someone and getting infected with “sodomite demons.”

Just as various diseases are spread through sexual intercourse and saliva, Manning explained, so too is the “sodomite demon.” If you have had sex with or even kissed or been at the same restaurant as someone who has such “demons in their blood,” he warned, you may have been “introduced to these demons in your life, sodomy, when you had no defense.”

So do you get it from the toilet seat? From the silverware, even after being washed? Inquiring minds want to know.

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