Manning Goes on Wiles Radio Show; Hilarity Ensues

Manning Goes on Wiles Radio Show; Hilarity Ensues July 16, 2015

When James David Manning, the Harlem preacher who thinks gays should be stoned and that Starbucks flavors their coffee with semen, goes on the radio with Rick Wiles, the guy who is leaving the United States before God destroys it because of gay marriage, you know you’re in for a treat.

Yesterday, notorious “Stone Homos” pastor James David Manning appeared on “Trunews” for a “discussion about Barack Obama’s satanic assault on America’s morality.”

Not only did Manning spend time criticizing President Obama, but he also castigated the Supreme Court, arguing that “the Devil himself has written this opinion” on marriage equality.

He also told host Rick Wiles that “perhaps [Justice] Kennedy and many of those who are on the Supreme Court have had sodomite relations themselves” and were being blackmailed by their secret gay lovers: “They have got to support this sodomy, they’ve got to say it or otherwise they get exposed.”

Must be all that Starbucks coffee they drink.

Manning said people don’t realize that the court’s ruling on same-sex marriage will lead to the fall of America: “Fifty years from now people will look back at this period and say, ‘My God from Zion, how could a nation have fallen, how could the mighty have fallen so quickly and so far and so low?’”

“If there’s anybody still alive in the United States of America 50 years from now,” Wiles added.

Nope. 50 years from now we’ll look back on this the same way we now look back on the Civil Rights battles of the 50s and 60s. We’ll be baffled and appalled that anyone ever thought it was okay to deny equal rights to people just because they’re gay. And Wiles and Manning will be seen as the KKK and George Wallace.

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