Carson, Jindal to Speak at Christian Reconstructionist Conference

Carson, Jindal to Speak at Christian Reconstructionist Conference July 17, 2015

In Des Moines, Iowa in November there’s going to be a conference called the Freedom 2015 National Religious Liberties Conference. The conference is being put on by Kevin Swanson of Generations With Vision. Swanson is a Christian Reconstructionist who thinks gay people should be stoned to death. That isn’t stopping at least two Republican presidential candidates from appearing at the event:

Since Swanson believes that homosexuality should be punished by death and frequently claims that liberals are using things like the movie Frozen and Girl Scout cookies to make children gay, we hoped that even this year’s field of Republican presidential candidates would think twice before showing up at his conference.

But apparently that was too much to ask.

Steve Deace, a conservative Iowa radio host who frequently interviews GOP presidential candidates and is scheduled to speak at Swanson’s conference, spoke with Swanson about the conference last week and announced just that Ben Carson has already agreed to attend the event and that “Bobby Jindal is planning on being there.”

Another conference sponsor is American Vision, also a Christian Reconstructionist group. Reconstructionist pastor Joel McDurmon is speaking too. And Kirk Cameron. And Jay Sekulow. And Rafael Cruz. All of the presidential candidates have been invited, with Carson and Jindal apparently the only two so far to accept that invitation. This proves, yet again, that there is almost no one too extreme for today’s GOP. Even if you want to make the Mosaic law the criminal and civil law of the land, including stoning gay people and women who aren’t virgins on their wedding day, they’ll be happy to appear at your conferences.

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