Hey, Maybe That’s Why Conservatives Hate Welfare

Hey, Maybe That’s Why Conservatives Hate Welfare July 17, 2015

Steve Deace, an astonishingly stupid right wing talk show host in Iowa, had Florida wingnut John Stemberger on his show recently and they floated a fascinating new theory that people wouldn’t be gay if they could just be kept dirt poor. Listen to this vortex of absurdity:

This prompted Deace to share his theory that the sexual revolution was an outgrowth of the welfare state because before the expansion of the social safety net, most people were too poor to “act out immorally” by having “multiple wives” and “gay lovers” since “no one was subsidizing [their] depravity.”

“We have that today, which is why the sexual revolution came after the welfare state, because once it was obvious that people were not going to be held directly accountable for their actions, we removed the inhibitions against human nature that we already had,” he explained.

Stemberger agreed with Deace’s assessment, adding, “People who are hard-working and have to be self-sufficient and are not going to be propped up by the government don’t have the luxury of doing stupid, immoral things.”

So that’s why they don’t want to help poor people, because it makes them gay! Geniuses, I tell you. Bloody geniuses.

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