40,000 South Carolinians Want Slavery Memorial Removed

40,000 South Carolinians Want Slavery Memorial Removed July 20, 2015

You almost have to hand it to the pro-Confederate flag crowd, they can duck into a punch like nobody else. Mad that the legislature removed the Confederate flag from public grounds, one dumbass started a petition to get a memorial to slavery removed as well. He got almost 40,000 signatures.

Nearly 40,000 people have signed onto a petition to remove the African-American Monument from the South Carolina statehouse grounds after a Confederate flag was taken down…

The petition complains that the Confederate flag was removed because it offended black people through its historic association with slavery and white supremacy, and laughably asserts that the African-American Monument, designed by sculptor Ed Dwight, provokes the same outrage for whites.

“The African American Monument depicts slave ships, mistreatment and words such as ‘segregation’ and ‘Jim Crow,’” the petition states. “This being the case, it is undeniable that this monument can and does serve to invoke in the white community feelings of shame, humiliation and offense, serving as a constant reminder of the dark history of slavery.”

Won’t someone think of the white people who don’t want to be reminded about slavery? They’re being shamed and humiliated and it offends them! Poor little bigots. I feel like I should send them something to make them feel better, like a fresh new set of white sheets.

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